November, 2017

Getting Started With Bitcoin

So you're decided it's time to bite the bullet and get into Bitcoin. But you're concerned the price has moved too far, too fast, and you're not sure how to begin. You're at the right place. Here you can get introduced to BTC and show you how to accumulate it. Let's start by watching this video:

The first thing you need to do is set up your processing accounts and purchased some coin. After that, we examine sites where we can EARN Bitcoin as opposed to just purchasing it.

1. Create your Bitcoin processing accounts 
  These are where you will buy your first Bitcoin (BTC) and then purchase with it. I suggest creating accounts at two places; 
    2. Coinbase Note that if you spend US$100 to purchase BTC when you open your Coinbase account, you and I will both get rewarded with $10 worth of BTC). Use Coinbase to change U.S. Dollars into Bitcoin. Then send some to your Blockchain account to send and receive BTC. 

2. Earn some Bitcoin
Sure, purchase a modest to get started. But then I suggest that you earn more BTC as opposed to purchasing it. That way if the price does decide to retrace, you won't be taking a loss on your purchases. 

There are a few ways to earn BTC:
1. BTC Faucets - Do these if you lack funds:

This is the least risky and lowest cost way to earn BTC, but earnings will be limited and it requires some labor on your part (but it is easy). BTC Faucets are like "Paid-To-Click" sites which pay you to view other member's advertisements. Same thing here. You join the Faucet and "roll" or click a button and be exposed to a few banner ads and the odd pop-up ad to earn. I've got two for you to use; 1. and 2. Moon Bitcoin. I suggest using them both.

There are several way to earn with these. The first being what I mentioned above. As you start your day, open your sites and view your first ads. With Moon Bitcoin you can then do the same every 5 minutes (although I only do it about once per hour). This doesn't take much time at all and you simply do this while working on other tasks. 

Then with, you can earn once every hour. You will also earn 4% interest once you have a balance of 30,000 "Satoshi" or small fractions of a BTC. 

Recruiting is NOT required to earn at either of these faucets. But if you do bring on others with your referral links, you can earn substantial returns - such as up to 50% of whatever your direct referrals earn. 

2. Matrix & Cycler Programs

There are quite a few of these member to member "donation" programs which promise a small, 1-time fee will eventually pay you multiple Bitcoins. These look attractive because they offer ultra low start costs and tremendous payback IF your matrix is filled. Which is the problem. These programs always seem to stall out shortly after being launched. Because it takes an increasing number of people joining to sustain the growth. These attract too many people who don't recruit. IMO, there are way too many of these types of programs now. Everyone just jumps to the newest one and abandons ones they joined earlier. 

Exceptions might be Coinpressions since I like the highly targeted advertising it provides (directed to 100% crypto people) and CryptoShuffler because so many of us did so well with their other previous program from a few years ago, GlobalAdShare, a revenue sharing / advertising program which still operates today. 

 Advertising Program which uses 3x10 Matrix
Gives 1 FREE $2Entry Into Coinpressions2 Cycler PerMonth!

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