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Surfing For Referrals: How It Works
(Note that we've revised the criteria since this was created,
see the new surfin' and promotin' criteria below - but video explains how it works)

  VIDEO Presentation 7:45 Minues

Please NOTE: This feature is only available for Paid Upgraded members ($12.95/mon)

1. Surfing For Referrals (SFR)

By surfing enough, members can earn 1 referral every two weeks. Referrals that are placed in your downline will be our most active, highest upgraded members available at the time
  • Surf 250 sites per day, for 5 days of a 14-day SFR Cycle (with our 3-second timer, this amounts to under 13 minutes actual viewing time per referral). 
  • Once you have earned a referral, it will appear AFTER THE END OF THE 2-week SFR cycle, or as they become available.
  • At that time (on Sunday) sign in and visit your Surfing For Referrals page and click the button to CLAIM your new referrals 
The example of the Surfing For Referrals page above shows 2 referrals
have been earned that should arrive early Sunday, once claimed

2. Promoting For Referrals (PFR)

By Promoting any of your referral links in your Affiliate Toolbox enough, members can earn 1 referral every two weeks
  • Get 5,000 unique hits from approved Traffic Exchange within the 2 week SFR Cycle to earn a referral. 
To monitor your progress and access the approved list of TEs, point your mouse cursor at "account" in the members area navigation menu, and click "Surfing For Referrals."

Thumbnail snapshots of your progress at a glance can also be viewed in the Surfing area.  

3. Social Networking & Training

If there are any further questions, contact me via a support ticket or contact me directly on Skype (my ID: louis.paquette2). We also encourage you to visit and engage at our various social networks.

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