WHY Join TOAN? Here's why: Because the network delivers A HIGH VOLUME OF 100%  TARGETED traffic. 

  1. Your ads viewed by an audience far beyond the membership (unlike many other ad sites)
  2. Audience is given NO Incentive to click (unlike many other ad sites) and are actually interested
  3. Even with no incentive, members can get 700 plus clicks per month - see table below*

It probably doesn't hurt that due to increased performance this year, traffic to Brian's Network is soaring:

700 Clicks from highly targeted people who only click because they are actually interested, would cost me $0.50 at my next best source, or about $350 per month. But at TOAN, I'm paying just $19.95 per month! And THAT'S the Primary reason you should belong. Because of the great ADVERTISING VALUE it provides.

Secondly, if you share the great value with others, doing them a big favor, you can also earn a LOT OF MONEY with the Affiliate program - Up to $88,000 per month with the program's 3x10 forced matrix comp plan.

SO there's really THREE reasons that you should join TOAN right away!
  1. To get yourself great advertising, 
  2. To share this great product value with your network so they can benefit from it
  3. To earn potentially large affiliate income directly from the 3x10 Compensation matrix

Note that I have a Facebook page and Skype discussion to support you once on board.
Welcome to Team TOAN!

Here are some instructions designed to help you succeed. 

Setting up your ads
Watch the videos in your member's area to help you get started placing your Unlimited Text and Banner ads.If after that you require additional assistance, we can do a Skype call and screen share to take care of that.

My Skype ID is: louis.paquette2. We have a group Skype discussion as well. Send me a connection request. Get me to add you to the discussion.Or, just click here to join directly. 

Maximizing TOAN Product - Advertising
I recommend that you place lots of ads to maximize the program! At the moment, we can place up to 50 ads. While it can vary widely - at the high end, my ads have received over a million Impressions in a month, which is a great bargain for under $20 per month. 

Maintain your ads Monthly
In a month, the ads you placed will begin to expire and delist. This is to keep the network clean and current by removing stale ads on a regular basis. We are sent email notification in advance, and you can visit the site and renew them for another month quickly.

Earning Money
Try to get the three strongest marketers for the top 3 spots on your first level of your matrix. This could make a huge impact on your team build and future earnings.  

Once you have these spots filled, the program is paid for free. After that though, is where it  can get real exciting. After that the matrix pays you $1 for each additional person on your team from levels 2 to 10. Fill those top 3 spots with capable, motivated marketers, help others to duplicate, and there's almost no end to what you can earn! The comp plan maxes out at over $88,000 per Month (plus bonuses). And if that's not good enough, we're allowed multiple memberships, so you can always leverage more out of this program that way by sponsoring yourself. I've done that, opening a membership for a Traffic Exchange business I am co-owner of. Now we're talking multiple revenue steams, within a single program!

Network Marketing Advertising - Start Free

If you need to refresh yourself with the comp plan, scroll down to the two tables that say it all here: Comp plan splash page (Non-members can join from that page).
(Cut and paste this into your browser if that link doesn't work)

Send me your referral link and I can add it. 

Please help to drive traffic to it and let others know we have this. Post it in forums, Skype groups, etc. (where allowed). If we all do this, we'll all grow and benefit together. 

TOAN has it's own Affiliate tools that you should try out; access the through the member's area. Brenda has also been kind enough to create Splash Pages and Banners just for our team at our TeamTOAN Web that we stand out more when competing for sign ups.  

Other Team TOAN Links
Splash Page
Facebook Group (Entire Program):

Skype Support: click here

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you succeed.
Best Regards,
Louis Paquette Online

nternet Marketing 
Vancouver, Canada
Skype ID: louis.paquette2