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Are You Tired Of Recruiting?
HERE'S The Solution!

Are you tired of recruiting? Are you fed up with insiders - program owners and their close friends scooping up 99% of members into their programs, leaving the rest of us to fight over the scraps? I don't blame you one bit. And I want to show you the solution. Join any one or all three of these programs shown below - and earn - WHETHER YOU CAN RECRUIT, OR NOT!  

Sure, you CAN earn more if you happen to bring someone into these programs. These all pay roughly 10% commissions. So I don't discourage you from introducing something good to your online friends and advertising with the marketing tools they provide. But if you're sick and tired of recruiting and you're looking for reliable, predictable and simple way to earn online - these three are for you. My Passive Trades is completely passive. The most you need to do is sign in daily to compound your earnings. The other two require that you spend a few moments a day viewing a limited number of ads. It won't take more than a few moments. And you will earn. EVERY DAY.

BONUS: Join any of the Passive Earning programs through the banners shown below, and I will add your referral link to my URL Rotator and advertise it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a case where "it takes money to earn it". To earn decent money with these you will need to deposit some Bitcoin (or use Perfect Money instead). The more you add and more ad packs you purchase - the faster you will earn.

However - IF you have no funds and are very patient - you CAN begin to earn with the first one below - the ones that require that we view videos each day. Go to "Watch Videos" in the menu and then click "Bonus Videos" and click all ten of the m and watch each for 30 seconds. Do that - slowly build up credits and later you will be able to earn Bitcoin (if you need help learning how to do this - just let me know). And/or - recruit and earn commissions too.

DISCLAIMER 2: High Returns imply High Risk. So don't fund these with your rent money. Only use funds that you can afford to lose. And then - formulate a strategy to withdraw the amount you spent at some point, in order to mitigate financial risk. 

That's it. THESE will be my focus going forward. How about YOU?
 Article: My Passive Trades 2 Month Progress Report
I've been testing  My Passive Trades recently and it's time to give an update and progress report.

I joined July 31, 2019, almost exactly 2 months ago, starting by purchasing $100 worth of $5 Adpacks, eventually spending a total of $370 over a period of about 45 days.

Since joining, it has paid me 1% per day like clockwork, and I've acquired 3 direct referrals who have brought in 5 members on my second level.

As of today, I am sitting on $650 worth of Adpacks and I am compounding, by buying between 1 and 3 new Adpacks per day.

To date, I have earned $280. $208 of that being totally passive earnings, and $92 in commissions. That's a combined return of 75% over a two month period.

The product (advertising) is good too. I get plenty of views of my Websites, Banners and Text Ads each day.

I am very pleased with these results. Yes, there are plenty of other programs promising higher returns - like 3% per day. But how sustainable are they?

MPT Is Sustainable

I believe MPT is the exception to the rule; that it is not a Ponzi scheme like most others are, but the real thing. For one thing - unlike other programs which guarantee X% per day or week - MPT says it will pay "up to" 1.25% per day - giving itself the option to pay less if needed. Second, due to the transparency. The founder, Darren Bradbury, makes regular posts video updates at their Facebook Page ( ) and shows us the trading and cash balances which exceed the amounts paid to members - giving the program a large cushion. Finally diversity: the parent company is also creating a number of other related products such as their own Trading Platform, Social Networking Site, etc. This transparency and diversification gives me confidence the program will last.

So there you have it - my honest review after two months in the program. If you like what you see, join with my link and let me know if you have any questions setting up. You can sign up free to look around on the inside and begin by purchasing as little as one $5 Adpack.

 My Passive Trades has its own Social Network site too:
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Effective Targeted Low Cost Advertising:

     Below are some Free or near free advertising sources - my 3 favorite advertising sites - to give your business an immediate boost. Below that, a short list of other programs I am testing out right now. Let me know if you have any questions about any of these.  

 The Online Ad Network (TOAN) $19.95/mon

  Leased Ad Space (LAS) $7 to $147 1-Time

 OR You Can Purchase Advertising Directly From Me By The Month!

e    Let's say you're not ready to join the programs above - but you do have some immediate need to advertise.....NO Problem. Now you can purchase some ad space DIRECTLY FROM ME - on a monthly basis, and I'll set them up for you at the site(s) above. Here's a few variations to select from:


     $5 - 1 Ad* @ TOAN 
   $10 - 1 Ad   @ All Three Sites
   $10 - 3 Ads @ TOAN
   $10 - 1 Ad   @ TOAN - Three Months 

     Pay at Paypal email: and then send me directions - ad content and your order preference. Skype me at: louis.paquette2 Sorry no refunds.
  * Any of these can be Banners (468x60 or 125x125 size) or Text 

Enter a long URL to make tiny: