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August 30, 2014
How to earn money with Revenue Sharing programs
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If you're an online network marketer, it would be hard not to notice the proliferation of
Revenue Share programs this past few years.
Most of them give text and banner advertising credits for each unit purchased, typically
priced between $5 to $20. But on top of advertising, they also allow members to share
in a cut of future sales. Some promise a percent return per day - typically, in the 1% to
3% range. Others make no daily promises, but instead allow the unit to continue to earn
until it expires - typically with a 30% to 100% gain. No time frame is given and rates of
return vary widely.
Some state that members earn from advertising unit sales. Others claim earnings comes
from outside sources, anywhere from FOREX (Foreign Exchange trading) or sports betting. Some may require the member to click on around 10 sites per day in order to earn (to use up those ad credits they issue) while others place no such requirements on members. Commissions on purchases by referrals are around typically 10% to 15%., while there are rarely any requirements to recruit.
This is a dream come true for many struggling marketers, who find it challenging to 
sponsor people. Earnings are truly "passive" and the annualized rates of returns can be 
nothing less than spectacular.
They are not without controversy though. Almost all face a slowdown in momentum in
daily earnings and many fail and close within months.
My overall personal experience has been very positive and if your work these right, I still 
believe the benefits far outweigh the downside. In a nutshell, I've lost small amounts in a 
bunch of them, while earning large amounts in a few top performers. In fact, all high returns always involve risk. It's a matter of managing the risk with 1. diversification, and 2. other risk management strategies designed to minimize risk and maximize upside. I've been using these programs for several years and have made it my business to separate the stellar performers from the losers. After the two businesses I actually co-own, I've earned more with Revenue Shares than any other type of program this past five years.  
DUE DILLIGENCE - Selecting Best Programs
1. Pick good management. Like in the stock market, management is everything. Try to 
determine who the owner of a program is before joining and find out what his/her reputation is like.
2. I prefer the ones which promise a total return, like when it promises 150% back, as opposed to "X"% per day.
3. Trust your gut instincts - if it doesn't look or feel right, it may be best to steer clear
RISK AVOIDANCE - Minimizing Losses & Maximizing Gains
1. Join early if at all - if the program is 6 or more months old, it could be approaching the
end of its shelf life.
2. Test the waters by purchasing a single unit and observe the daily return and overall 
performance for a week or so
3. If things still look good - purchase as much as you are going to purchase out of pocket - but no more than you can afford to completely lose. If not, walk away with a tiny loss and test another one.
4. Re-purchase with earnings - until you reach your goal for the number of units you wish to purchase
5. Right after that - start withdrawing what you spent out of pocket - this reduces your cash risk to zero.At this point, for better future potential, reinvest more and withdraw profits at the same time.
6. Recruit to earn even more as long as you feel good about the program - share the wealth
7. Use those ad credits - it's a highly targeted audience - use the product to build downlines in all your other programs
8. Join at least 3 or more to spread the risk. Just as in the stock market, you would not want to own a single stock, but a portfolio of them.
9. Join the Facebook pages or groups and Skype discussions of these programs to ask questions and keep on top of the program.
Choose your Rev Share programs carefully, act prudently with discipline, and you can make good (great!) money with these with minimal effort and whether you recruit or not.
Louis Paquette
Internet Marketing 
102 - 2020 Comox Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6G 1R9
(604) 687-5772
Skype ID: louis.paquette2
Top Online Revenue Opportunities
MyAdCubes launchesTuesday, Feb. 9th*(*Note: was previously set for  Monday, Feb. 1st)

A new rev share is launching tomorrow called My Ad Cubes that you might want to consider joining on. I do know the owner, Todd Hirsch

I am steering clear of most new Revenue Sharing programs lately, and cherry picking the odd one that looks like it has more potential than the rest.

There is a Facebook and Skype support groups; so if you join let me know if you wish to be added.

An interesting side-note, MAC will be utilizing a Cryptocurrency called GetGems (GEMZ).

I made a few bucks this past week by flipping the currency here:

January 25, I bought this when I learned that MAC would be utilizing GEMZ currency. January 30, I sold for a 62% gain, as news that MAC would be using GEMZ circulated.

Now you may be thinking - why bother telling us now, after the fact? Well, for a couple reasons.

One is that this could be re-bought as the price continues to consolidate from that big move this week. I would say target price should be no more than 0.0000320 BTC.

Secondly, I am showing you this to illustrate a new strategy we can use for 2016.

That is - finding quietly trading, relatively low priced crypto currencies that are about to be adopted by programs.

Because this brings new demand for the currency and more accumulation can mean higher prices.

All you need to buy these are some Bitcoin.

Now if you'd prefer to steer totally clear of the whole Bitcoin thing, that's fine and I can't say I blame you.

But personally I traded small cap stocks for a couple of decades and I see all kinds of similarities here. And opportunities.

Like this next one.


ADZcoin (ADZ) to be used at StartPeeps (social network) Accumulate @ 0.0000400 Or Less
This could be the next GEMZ.

Members of this network can earn free bits of ADZ by utilizing the social network. Numerous other programs are also going to use ADZ

The price had an initial reaction to this and has settled back down close to my buying target of 0.0000400 BTC, with an initial trading target
of 0.0000800 to take initial profits at. 

It can be traded here:

I'd encourage you to join the network and earn some ADZ. And for people who like to trade coins, to buy and hold some.

Here's a lot more info about StartPeeps and ADZcoin:

If there are any questions let me know. I would like to hear back from readers about this; is Cryptocurrency trading something you'd like to hear
more about? Or do any of you know about any currencies which fit my model (are about to be used by some program, or have some other reason
to rise...) let me know!

Best Regards,
Louis Paquette Online
Internet Marketing 
102 - 2020 Comox Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6G 1R9
(604) 687-5772
Skype ID: louis.paquette2

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