June 3, 2019 
                    Sell (BTC) In June And Go Away?

       Maybe you've heard the old Wall Street stock market adage - "Sell In May And Go Away". This is referred to as "seasonality" or seasonal trading. Markets have a habit of repeating cycles. Stock markets have a tendency to reach their lows from October through to year end selling in late December. And they tend to rise more from January through to May. Seasonal traders tend to buy stock near the end of seasonal weakness, and held them through to May or so and then lighten up ahead of the "summer doldrums" and other weakness we often experience through to year end tax-loss selling.

   BTC Gains 180% since December
If you can't see the image above, try this link:

    As we can see from this chart, Bitcoin has had a strong move since mid-December from around $3,200 to a recent high of around $9,000  - a 180% move in under six months, pretty well beating out any other asset class on the planet. Much of the gains were concentrated in the past two months.

    But where do we go from here?? Well according to our Seasonal BTC Chart - we go sideways to down until October.

  The BTC Seasonal Chart
According to the chart, we are at a seasonal high right now. We should at least stop buying for a while.More aggressive traders would stand completely aside - sell and wait until Late-September to early October to repurchase once again.

I have used seasonality in the stock markets and it works well. Because it has a relatively long history to be based on, making the seasonal trends are pretty reliable. Of course in the case of Bitcoin, these trends have far less history to base them on, therefore may not be as reliable as the stock market.

In any case, I thought this was worth sharing especially at this time of year and after the great gains we have enjoyed in recent months. I'd appreciate hearing what you think:
            - Do you believe seasonal trading is useful
·         - Are you a shorter "trader" or a long term buy and hold investor?

·         -  Do you believe BTC will reach all time highs again anytime soon?

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January 4, 2019

What's Hot For 2019?

How do highly successful people do it? One way is by positioning themselves in front of important new discoveries or emerging trends. That's where the money is!

Wondering what could be hot in 2019? I suggest you take a look at the Medical Hemp Oil biz. I've read countless testimonials, some coming from customers of my own referrals, claiming CBD Oil provides relief that traditional medicines don't. Relief forall sorts of ailments; from seizures to sleep disorder to chronic pain and anxiety. So naturally, the market has been growing organically.

And that's happened even with the legal uncertainty concerning Hemp. But this was before President Trump decided to officially clarify the legality of Hemp market. Just last month - he officially made Hemp products legal. This has led at least one market analyst to predict it's set to grow by a factor of 34 times where it is today!

Casey Research - excited about Hemp market
How Trump Will Cause This Tiny Market to Grow 34x
Justin Spittler, Editor Casey Research,  

Here's another article detailing what's happened to the hemp market;
Hemp is now legal in the U.S., so what does that mean for pot companies?

There's two basic ways to benefit from emerging market booms.

Invest In Related Stocks

Casey's audience does it by purchasing stocks of related public companies. Doing so early enough in the boom can deliver fantastic gains of 10x or even 20x returns. But it does require a large upfront cost and a degree of risk.  

In many of these booms that I have followed over the years, stock prices can anticipate and peak out, well in advanceof the fundamentals. Which can leave late comers holding the bag. The 3Ci (Canadian Cannabis Composite Index) shown below has dropped in half since peaking in mid-2018. For more information about investing in Cannabis related stocks, visit:
Affiliate Marketing
A less risky way to participate is through affiliate marketing, if such a platform is available. You can participate without the large upfront investment and associated risk. Fortunately for us, such a platform exists. About three years ago, I was marketing an online weight loss product called "Chew The Fat Off" (CTFO). mainly a weight loss program. Last year though, their owners noticed the emerging medical hemp market, and jumped in with both feet, and changing the name to "Change The Future Outcome." Today they have a full line of high quality, competitively priced medical hemp oil products.
Previous concerns about the legality of hemp and marijuana are falling to the wayside as nations rush to legalize. Canada legalized Marijuana in 2018 which is the "recreational" side of this market - it has the THC Oil which get's people high. President Trump has just legalized the medical side of the market, Hemp CBD Oil which is not psychoactive.  
This should blow the doors off the medical hemp oil market in 2019.

Whether you just want to try Hemp Oil to treat some chronic medical condition, or you'd also like to earn money with it, or both, you can do it through my link here:

Sign up as an "associate" and use your member's site to order products and knock 20% off the retail price. Unless something else grabs your attention, for common ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety and related issues, I'd suggest trying the 10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops - 500mg (CV: 47) that's 50 servings for $99.97 (discounted from $130.97).
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programs.This, combined with their 60 Day empty bottle guarantee virtually eliminates the risk.

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I predict that CBD Oil - and Gold - are the places to be in 2019. What do you think? If you have any questions about this article contact me onSkype or Facebook.
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