January 19, 2018

BTC Price forecast - will history repeat itself?Then $3,600 isn't out of the realm of possibility

It's been 28 days since my last article about the pullback in the BTC price, when I suggested it looked like it might fall to the $10,000 to $8,000 range. Now that it's done the and had a bounce to the mid $11,000 range where it seems to have stabilized for the moment, I thought it was time to do an update and revisit those price targets.

Of course making price and timing predictions is a mug's game. After all, nothing's more uncertain than the future. And markets do whatever it takes to fool the a most number of people, most of the time. Which is pretty easy actually, given that most people vote with their emotions and wishes, as opposed to the facts and rational analysis. To be successful in the markets however, you need to discount the obvious ('cause it's already priced in) and focus on the unexpected. Another market tactic is understand that markets often move in cyclical patterns. Yes, history often repeats itself. This is because the majority of people are more often than not, as I said, driven by emotions of fear and greed. And this never changes over history.

The last time this happened - late 2013
Bitcoin hasn't been around very long so there is precious little history to look at, to identify cycles. But sure enough - in December 2013/January 2014 - right around the same time of the year as this time, the Bitcoin price went parabolic, and in very similar fashion. How convenient! Take a look at the chart below to see what happened then, and see if this might provide clues for this time around.

Notice in the first chart, in 2013, how it ran up all the way from roughly $100 to a peak of around $1,100, or 11 times in price. A ten+ bagger. Then it peaked and crashed. Initially - it dropped roughly in half, to around the $600. There was a tradable bounce to $1,000. But this didn't hold for very long. After that, it continued correcting and searching for an ultimate bottom until it finally reached it about a year later at $200. A 82% correction. After that, It took about 8 months to form a solid base from which it could move up from. Which it finally started doing almost two years from the peak. And it took 3 years to reach the old highs.

Okay so let's look at what's happened this time around.... Low and behold, this time it move up from roughly $2,000 to $20,000 - an amazingly similar 10x bagger parabolic rise! What a coincidence. And how convenient! This would indicate a similar level of hysterical buying as the last time in this happened in 2013. Okay now the correction, so far - this initial sell off has taken it down to below $10,000 before it bounced, or a drop in half from the high around $20K. OMG - that's JUST LIKE the last time around - again! Okay, so are you beginning to see a pattern forming? I certainly am!

Now - just because so far this parabolic move was almost identical to the last time around so far - doesn't mean that it needs to repeat the rest of the cycle the same way. But just for fun let's forecast some rough targets in the event that it does continue to unravel like it did last time. If that were to happen, it would take a year to bottom out at roughly December 2018 or so. A similar 82% decline would take down $16,400 from the highs, to around $3,600. Another 8 month of basing would take us to October 2019. And it would take all the way until late 2020 to reach its old highs of around $20,000.

 Like I said before, the current pattern doesn't HAVE to repeat the 2014 - 2015 Bear market. However, my guess is, in the absence of some kind fantastically positive news, which frankly I don't see happening at this juncture, and given the poor fundamentals (see below) I don't see why this pattern can't play out like the last time. And early bottom fishing attempts would be like catching a falling knife. Something that I personally, don't enjoy doing.
Short term price chart

Finally, let's look at a shorter term chart to see what clues it might give us in terms of future direction.

The chart has completed an Elliot Wave A-B-C correction and has bounce off lows around $9,000 to the mid-$11,000 area. The trend however, remains down. We'd need to see a decisive break above $14,00 to declare a trend reversal is underway.

Bitcoin "Fundamentals"
I have trouble trying to assess the fundamental value to the coin. Like for instance, commodities such as gold. I don't know the exact average price of production these days. But let's say for arguments sake that it costs $1,000 to mine an ounce of the precious metal. Then you need to toss in a hundred or three for transporting, storing and a little retail profit for the seller. That would make the current price of around $1,300 - quite reasonable. Besides the price of production, though it's got some intrinsic value as. It's certainly beautiful. It's malleable and useful for jewelry. Not to mention - as a currency - it's performed this roll for thousands of years. As a value investor, we would try to hold out for discounts from this price if possible, and avoid paying high premiums from the fundamental value for it.

But how much does it take to mine a Bitcoin? And what is its intrinsic value? Offhand I have no clue what it costs to produce. And as for the product's usefulness, as far as I am concerned, it's junk. It's slow and cumbersome to use, transaction fees are obscenely high, and it's not secure. All the qualities we might look for in a currency aren't there. IMO, it's only valuable to drug dealing money launderers, and we price speculators. And as long as the price is no longer rising by $1,000 a week, as it was in 2017, I see no valid reason to hold any sizeable amount it.

I apologize if this makes upsets enthusiasts. I'm not here to make you feel better but to tell the truth based on proven analysis and the facts. I'd love to be wrong and for the price to reverse tomorrow and head straight to $30,000. Like I see from the same Bitcoin experts who tried to convinced us that transaction fees were low... But am not willing to lie about it.
Until next time,

Louis Paquette Online
Vancouver, Canada

July 12, 2017
New Release: 

 Welcome to our 2x9 Bitmax Team!

   Here are some steps and strategies for earning with 2x9 BitMax. (If you haven't signed up yet, here is the link to join with:

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2. GET BITCOIN - if you don't have Bitcoin (BTC) yet, you need to open accounts at two places for acquiring, purchasing and receiving it:

            1. Blockchain  
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3. UPGRADE - If you have some BTC on hand and want to get started right away, sign into your account and purchase at the very least, the Stage 1 Upgrade. The cost is only 0.0002 BTC (pennies in U.S.D.). We actually recommend you purchase the first 3 or 4 Stages so you don't need to be concerned about being passed by any downline and missing a donation. AVOID PASSING AHEAD OF YOUR SPONSOR. If he is at Stage 4 and you too, and you want to move to Stage 5, please INFORM your sponsor WELL IN ADVANCE, allowing some time for your sponsor to upgrade to Stage 5 first. Otherwise he/she will lose that donation which will be passed to his/her sponsor (your sponsor's name and email is in your member's area dashboard).

Short of FUNDS? Then you have two Options to get around using your own money up front:

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Connect with me on Skype ID: louis.paquette2 or if your prefer Facebook to text me, 

Best Regards,
Louis Paquette Online
Internet Marketing  
102 - 2020 Comox Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6G 1R9
(604) 687-5772
Skype ID: louis.paquette2

P.S. If you get stuck on any of the steps above - just go to the University of You Tube, and in the search field type "How to.." in front of anything you need to know. If that doesn't do the trick - get to our Skype discussion and ask for assistance.

December 22, 201            

TOAN Update: Traffic remains strong 

- New  recommendations; CAB & BYM

Traffic, Alexa rating and memberships Soar! But why?
(It's the traffic network, stupid...)

Several significant upward trends are convalescing to create serious upward growth momentum at my primary ad site; The Online Ad Network (TOAN).

Ad Traffic

Ad Impressions and Clicks remain strong since beginning to strengthen in March as you can see in the table below. Traffic have virtually exploded from one year (2015) to this year.

Alexa Rating bottoms in May

There was a lag of about two months or so, but then the Alexa Rating bottomed in May and hasn't looked back since.  
 My team has tripled in size

As a result of a major recovery in traffic volume, our Team TOAN membership has
stopped contracting and is expanding in sympathy of these other trends. My downline
has tripled in just the few months. Because advertisers now getting THREE important
things - a high volume of high quality traffic, at a low set price.  

It's the traffic, stupid

The program's owner, Brian Rooney has vastly expanded his network and traffic and this is directly benefiting members since early 2016 by causing traffic to increase many times over.

I'm still getting around 400,000 to 500,000 impressions per month and hundreds of high
quality clicks on my ads per month at roughly $0.04 per click. This compares to sources
charging $0.50 per click so TOAN remains a great value. Remember, people clicking on these ads are not clicking to earn an ad credit or a penny like at Traffic Exchanges or PTC sites. They click because they are actually interested, motivated and 100% targeted prospects! 

Downline Builder News.....
TOAN added to two downline builders

A cute advertising site called Crazy About Banners has hooked up with Team TOAN, and has added TOAN to its Downline Builder. So if already a member of CAB, I suggest you visit the downline builder and add your TOAN, Traffic Wave or Leased Ad Space Affiliate ID info right away as this could get you sign ups!

And if you are not already a member of CAB, I'd certainly recommend it at $20, 1-Time, for
perpetual Text and Banner ads (2 each) plus 1,000 sign-in ads. Not to mention CAB's comp
plan which consists of a 50% payment of $10 plus entrance into a 2x20 Matrix which max's
out a cool Million Dollars....
Brenda Launches BYM - Build Your Matrix d/l Builder includes TOAN & TW

Brenda de Reus, one of my top team leaders in TOAN has launched her own downline builder this past month, including TOAN & Traffic Wave in a very limited number of programs (5) and this can only help to maintain or boost memberships at these two programs. In fact I've seen about a 23% increase in the size of my TOAN downline since Brenda launched it about two weeks ago. I highly recommend that if you belong to any of these programs, you join BYM which is free, and add your Referral ID's in the downline builder. And then market BYM with the excellent Affiliate Tools Brenda has set up for us. 

Also take note of "Step 7" which is a complete marketing funnel that you can use to build an email list. Even low-tech people can master setting up their own funnel using Traffic-Wave with the help of Carol's step-by-step instructional video included.

This is a simple downline builder with only 5 programs with something in common; they all compensate members based on Matrix comp plans, and they are all low priced programs to enter but with large upside potential.

The portfolio consists of these 5 programs along with maximum payouts listed below.

The Online Ad Network (TOAN)       $19.95 per mon           3x10 Matrix     Advertising                  $88,000/mon

Crazy About Advertising (CAB)        $20 1-Time                  2x20 Matrix     Advertising                  $1 Million

Leased Ad Space       (LAS)            $7 to start                    8x7 Matrix       Advertising, Blog      see program

Traffic-Wave               (TW)             $17.95 per mon           3x10 Matrix     Auto Responder         $88,000/mon

4CORNERS Alliance (4CAG)           $18 to start                  4x6 Matrix       Financial Info             see program   

Upcoming Team TOAN Webinar

Brian Rooney (owner of TOAN and TW) and I will host a webinar Wednesday December 28 at 9pm EST - 6pm PST and members and non-members are invited to learn more about this explosive growth opportunity at The Online Ad Network.

Register here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Summary / Conclusions:

Interest in TOAN remains high and I continue to recommend because of the excellent volume and quality of traffic it's delivering and very high earnings/growth potential it provides as the market wakes up to the advertising value.

I expect membership growth should remain strong in 2017 with all the positive things going for it currently. It's never too late to join TOAN - while I have downline all the way to my 10th level, I am currently only filling my 3rd level right now due to inevitable turnover.

NEW Recommendations: Join (CAB) Crazy About Banners ($20) and (BYM) Build Your Matrix (free) as these provide synergy with TOAN and TW as well as a few others and CAB offers an earning opportunity of its own. If a bunch of us all decide to join and market it together, which we can do now through BYM, it could be fun and lucrative. Yet the risk is minimal.
December 9, 2016
News Release:

             Announcing A New Down-line Builder:                             Build Your Matrix

Brenda de Reus just launched, is a new downline builder called "Build Your Matrix." It's FREE to join and promote the following five programs:
 The common denominator is that these all pay with Matrix compensation plans.


Cool Feature: Build Your LIST too!

Build Your Matrix also lets you build your own list with their FREE Marketing Funnel system completewith Lead Capture pages, and 7 piece email series! Everything is done for us. The feature is available for no additional costs for members of  Traffic-Wave, which is an AutoResponder and email system that allow Unlimited Campaigns and Unlimited email subscribers, for the fixed rate $17.95 per month,which includes affiliate referral program that lets you earn from a 3x10 Matrix that max's out at $88,000. 

I believe it's worth getting Traffic-Fusion just to use this email list-building feature created by the owners of Build Your Matrix.

Because, if you struggle with creating an email list - here's a system that's easy to set up.  I believe that people who have previously had trouble creating an email list because they found Auto Responders, setting up funnels, writing email series, etc., too much for them, will be able to master the set up here. The instructional video will have you set up in minutes, and helping to building your email list 24/7 on autopilot! 

Just sign up for BYM, and proceed to "Step 7" to begin setting up and start building your email list. 

Social Networks

Added Incentive - URL Rotator
As an added incentive to act, for anyone who joins me in 2 or more of the programs within the downline builder, I will add your Build Your Downline referral link into a Shockwave Traffic URL Rotator and help send traffic to it. Just connect with me on Skype (ID: louis.paquette2) or my Facebook (louis.paquette1) and tell me which two programs you joined and send me your preferred link to advertise (see a variety of Splash and Lead Capture pages you can use in the Affiliate tools area).
If you're not sure which ones to join, I would suggest TOAN + CAB (plus you need Traffic-Wave).

TOAN is $19.95 per month for continuously running 50 Text and Banner ads, has a $1 - 15 Day Trial and the completed matrix earns a whopping $88,000 per month.
CAB is $20 One-Time to run 1,000 sign in ads, and 2 Lifetime Text and Banner ads and the completed matrix earns a whopping Million dollars!
I'll be more than happy to get you set up in any of these and introduce you to a great team of online entrepreneurs in our Skype and Facebook discussions for ongoing support. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Best Regards,
Louis Paquette Online
Internet Marketing

October 21, 2016
Introduction to Network Marketing 101
An associate of mine in a different filed has asked me to tell him about network marketing. So I did, in no uncertain terms. I told him the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I admit, some comments below are harsh. But I don't candy coat things for my friends. 


Nice to hear from you earlier today..

It sounds like you're considering diversifying and dipping your toe into the network marketing ocean, so let me paint some broad strokes for you and make a few concrete suggestions.

First the bad news. It's really hard to earn online. People waste years trying and fail. Many marketers are jerks. An old online buddy used to say; "All marketers are LIARS" and there is some truth to that - they make exaggerated claims and tell you what they want you to hear (sounds like some stock promoters we know, huh?...LOL). As a one- time investor who liked to do my due diligence PRIOR to committing, the culture here is especially maddening since these people expect you to "opt-in" (so they can blast you with emails) or even to commit to things without information to evaluate. Here's an example of an "Opt-in Lead Capture Page"

The good news - there's NO MORE commuting to work - set your own hours - and if you find the right situation and mentor or group - it is actually possible to earn a living - and the rare time - hit a home run and earn big.
This work can be very tedious and frustrating at times - but rewarding in the right situation..

If I haven't turned you off yet, here's what I would suggest for you.

1. Get your Payment Processors set up.
I will assume you have PayPal - get at least one or both of these other two Canadian based Pay Processors. You need these to pay and get paid.

2. Get - the online chat service that is the choice of marketers.

3. Let me cherry pick a small portfolio of programs for you to try consider...

I am in everything from many different types of TRAFFIC programs, Health & Wellness, Revenue Sharing (passive earnings) tools such as Auto-Responders, and so on.

Here is a batch of diverse but complimentary programs that I would suggest for you. I've aimed for the most passive ones and I am in and avoided the most tedious ones. I have met (online) and am comfortable with the owners of 3 out of 4 of these:

My diamonds in the rough:

1. My24Hour Income - Revenue Sharing/Advertising -

3. Chew The Fat Off
- Health & Wellness/Weight Loss

4. MyCycler
- another possibly new passive earner
(still in pre launch)

That should be enough to give you some idea of what it's about. You could get started for $500 to $1,000 (much less if you skip My24HourIncome) and  $100 or so per month to maintain them.

I'd be earning commissions from these so would avail myself if you need help setting up or if you get stuck. Let me know if there you have any questions or are ready to discuss these in more detail.  

Take care,
Diamond Lou

June 17, 2016

                    Breaking the 97% Cycle Of Failure

Now a little story for you....about a mission I have been on.

For some time now, I have come to the realization, that the average person probably has a hard time perfecting all of the different skills that it requires to be in the top 3% who are successfully earning a living in this crazy business of affiliate marketing.

We need to be experts at:

- Creating Domain names
- Setting up Hosting
- Web design - Word Press at least
- Advertising
- Graphics
- Email Marketing

- Skype Marketing
- Social Network Marketing
- Slick Lead Capture Page making
- 37 step Auto Responder systems
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Copy Writing
- Creating amazing videos
- Holding amazing webinars

The average person can't or won't learn all of that. No way. Maybe 3% or less who try will succeed.

So the beat goes on - 3% make it - and 97% fail - time and time.

It's become my mission - my obsession - to find a way to break this depressing cycle of failure. By either creating or locating a program or set of programs - that the average person can actually do and can earn a living at. I've reviewed and tested hundreds of programs and haven't found any that meet the bill.

Until just recently.

Finally, I believe I have located a couple of platforms which might help
us to break this cycle. My selection criteria was:

1. Low risk - no or low money to join and begin to earn
2. Significant upside earnings potential
3. Relatively simple to perform
4. Something OTHER THAN a revenue share or advertising product

Two Platforms

If you like the product and share it, the program has a simple and potentially lucrative compensation plan using a 3 x 10 matrix that automatically pays out at $20 or above. 

Finally, the program has a $1 - 15 Day trial so you can run all these ads for a couple weeks to see how it works for you with next to nothing to risk. For more details and to join click the blue button below.

May 20, 2016

The Online Ad Network traffic volume and quality keeps rising, Volume explodes by Over 20X previous rates!

This past December, we reported that traffic from TOAN had exploded in November, from an average of about about 4,000 impressions per day last year, to nicely over 100,000 per day. The question remained, was it a temporary improvement and what was the quality was like?

I'm pleased to report that daily traffic remains on average over 100,000 per day (millions each month) and while I was averaging 700+ click throughs this past couple of calendar months, over the past 30 days this has risen to over 2,100 visits. That's a tremendous amount of highly targeted organic traffic. As a result, signups at my two Traffic Exchanges and other affiliate programs I'm advertising remain strong. That's an awesome product for only $19.95 per month.

I think we're sitting on a hidden gem, and untold story that needs to be told! I mean, how many businesses have you ever seen deliver a more than 20 times increase in product, without a price increase? That's what's happened at TOAN starting this past December.

And because if the product's value has improved this much - the potential of the affiliate program should rise with it, since we have a much improved product. I am planning a new marketing push right away. And I urge my downline team to do the same. There's some great graphics of stats in the members area (examples here) to create your own splash pages with. Or you can borrow mine as examples, for that matter.

I urge you to fill up your TOAN with 30 or more ads to all your other programs as soon as possible to boost your overall business this year, and to start marketing TOAN everywhere you can now.

Start showing TOAN to your best contacts who need more and better traffic. I offer Skype and Facebook support if you want it, there's how-to set up videos on the site, and Brian conducts regular webinars. So don't worry about getting stuck. If you're not a member and you need a link, here you go;


December, 2015

The Online Ad Network delivers sudden, huge boost in traffic   

Something very unusual happened at one of my core advertising programs this
past month. Until recently, I was getting 2,000 to 6,000 impressions per day to the
roughly 20 to 30 Text and Banner ads I've been typically running. Late November,
the rate of impressions began to uptick. Then in December, they have soared,
recently to 118,000 impressions yesterday, or 26 times what I was used to getting.
(encouraged by the abrupt increase in traffic, I will mention I've boosted the number
of ads I currently run to 36. But this hardly explains the increase in traffic that's
happened lately).

I notice that the owner has been "tinkering" with things, and I can only conclude this
is behind the huge boost in traffic we're suddenly getting. He's changed the number
of ads we can run from unlimited, to 50 per member at any one time. Seems to me,
that this, must be causing the average member to get that much more exposure and
traffic now. The price of $19.95 per month remains the same. But now I'm getting
>20 times as much traffic.

Ya gotta like that! 

 With the product/service performance improving by a factor of 26, will that mean we should be able to add new Team TOAN members 26 times as fast? Or build a team26 times as large? After all if this recent increase holds, we'd be able to get in the order of 3.5 MILLION Impressions per month - for a mere $20 - that should be an easy sale! Where else can you get this much exposure per dollar?

I would certainly urge all of my TOAN downline to inform their lists about this massive performance enhancement for their own benefits. Feel free to forward any part of this article after "rebranding" it with your own referral link below. Or just pass along as is,and let's together create some spillover for our team members who can use it.

Or better yet, do both.

Best Regards,

P.S. If you'd like to visit this advertiser, take advantage of this splendid traffic bargain, and
Team TOAN Web Site:
Team TOAN Facebook page:  

How To Build Your Own Facebook Groups

Thousands of people are posting their advertisements in Facebook groups on a daily basis!
But the problem is that you always need to repost your ad to keep it on top, and many people are using automated softwares to post their ads so it’s very hard for anyone to get results these days.

A much better way is to build your own Facebook groups with your advertisement on the top, and have other people joining & posting their ads in your group. The best thing is that your group will start growing on its own once you’ve reached a certain amount of members!

Although Facebook groups are not the best option to advertise your downline builder, it’s a great way to create self-growing communities and build new relationships with other online marketers.
Warning: It takes much time (work), patience and consistency to see results!

Complete Article: Here